Sunday, December 13, 2009


I was disappointed last week when the president said there would be continued and escalated US military action in Afghanistan. I was disgusted when this week he used the platform of the Nobel Peace Prize to talk about "Just War." You have to do what you have to do when you're president, but that was gross. I had to turn off the radio. I trusted that guy to make his moves so that he wouldn't have to justify them with something that is fundamentally wrong. I would probably never be able to listen to a John McCain speech all the way through, but at least his wouldn't have been from the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony.


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. I felt really uncomfortable about the whole thing. My dad’s from Norway, so I was really excited about them getting this big state visit, perhaps the biggest in their history, and then... whaaaa? Obama certainly had to address the war, as it was the elephant in the room, but he didn’t have to mount the elephant and ride it around the room stomping on everybody.

I guess his motivation is that he wanted to dampen expectations; a lot of the Peace Prize buzz was speculation that they were giving him the prize partly to encourage him to leave Afghanistan. I guess he was saying “I’ll take your Peace Prize, but don’t expect it to make me any more peaceful,” which, as a position, is sort of bleh. Take the award or refuse it, don’t accept it and then spend an hour making fun of it.


Anonymous said...
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