Monday, July 12, 2010

You've got 12 hours to make me a very happy lady

I've recently become involved with the HP Alliance, a non-profit collaboration of Harry Potter fans from all over the world who band together to fight evil and injustice in the world. It's like Dumbledore's Army for real! We work towards improving literacy (collecting 55,000 books to send to underserved areas), campaigning for human rights, and recently raised $123,000 dollars to fill FIVE cargo planes full of supplies to Haiti after the earthquake. It's an incredible organization full of caring people who are committed to making significant changes in the world.

Right now we are entered in a contest to win $250,000 from Chase Giving. Even if you can't come to my super awesome birthday party, you can give me a great present by taking about 10 seconds to vote for HPA on Facebook so we can get some serious funding to do some serious good.

Here's a little video about HPA:

And here's the link that you need to vote. Thanks guys!

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